Superior Spider-Man?

22 Jan


I am a couple of weeks behind on my reading due to the festive season. Understandably, Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Superior Spider-Man #1 were are the top of my list. If you haven’t read either, this is a good point to STOP now. I will not be respsonsible for your fan-boy emotions and years of therapy afterwards!

The ending of the Amazing Spider-Man certainly set up Superior to be, at least a departure from the tone of the previous series. Personally, I appreciate bold moves and big decisions. Killing off Peter Parker paid dividends for the Ultimate Universe, why not see how it works with the mainstream universe!

Overall, Dan Slott has written an interesting start to the series. Where it is Doc Ock in the Webcrawler’s body…you can’t help but get a hint of the old question ‘What would you do if you had super powers?’. I found myself appreciating the good doctor handing C-level villians their asses with out holding back. I mean, shoot, if all of a sudden you could clean house with your trusted fists…why not?

The relationship between MJ will be fun to watch as well. All the tension between the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and everyone’s favorite Ginger Club Owner was so thick, Doc Ock was able to close the deal almost immeadiately! If handled right though, this relationship can be an interesting look at self-confidence (too much and too little). Peter has always had lower self-esteem where Doc Ock has always been overly confident.

I know this story line is going to be controversial for long time fans. The biggest issue I have with it, is that we have already seen Peter appear in the last panels. We know this is a momentary change. A story line that may or may not make it to the ‘all-time greats’ list. What would be really something is if Dan Slott and Marvel actually made the change permanent. Fear of sales will probably make that impossible, but the really interesting stories in life come from having to deal with changes that can’t be un-changed.

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