The Hobbit…Eh?

24 Jan


I came into the Tolkien world backwards.  I didn’t read the books first, I know, terrible to admit!

I remember sitting in the theater for the first film and hearing Cate Blanchett start the whole thing off.  I was freaking hooked!  Instantly went out and bought one of those packs with The Hobbit and the Trilogy together.  Many years later and countless hours of raised nerd-bumps (re: goose bumps) watching the various edited, extended, and special versions of the Trilogy, I made the mistake of being excited about the Hobbit.

Normally, I am an upbeat guy and try to find the good things in what ever I am watching/reading.  I figure if I am pissing my time away I may as well ensure I take something of value away.  As many of you may know already, this isn’t the case with our newest trek to Middle-Earth.

Where the film falls down, in my opinion, is in two simple areas:

1. It is simply buckles under its own weight.  It literally feels like since the Trilogy was this epic ordeal, the fans need to have that same feeling.  Which we don’t.  The Hobbit was fucking fun that last time I saw the 70’s cartoon of it.

2. It feels like a sequel, not a prequel.  The position of the story comes from the angle that we know the world goes to shit, four fat little creatures play with a WMD in the form of a ring, and the all kinds of crazy monster battles tear apart massive castles.  Once again, I remember The Hobbit being fucking fun.

I guess my overall feeling here is, watch the movie if you can’t live with out experiencing everything Tolkien.  Don’t watch the movie if you are expecting to have fun (I get there are some heavy moments, but seriously, the tone is all off).

2 Responses to “The Hobbit…Eh?”

  1. Violet Mind January 24, 2013 at 6:09 pm #

    As a book reader first and foremost, I should preface this comment by saying that my first watching of the LotR, I was filled with disgust, rage, and horror that anyone would destroy such an amazing work in such a needless fashion (really? Arwen left and right?). That being said, I eventually came to enjoy them for their visual depiction of the world of Middle Earth and, to some degree, the character development. In those two capacities, I felt that The Hobbit improved drastically. Gollum was much better done and Bilbo was interpreted beautifully. Unfortunately, Thorin was insufficiently dwarvish (I know, he had to be relatable to racist humans who are worse than Elves in that matter), the depiction of the treasure was excessive, and the goblin caverns….really? I went into the thing with low expectations of accuracy and so was pleasantly surprised to hear the first two sentences of the book so closely quoted, as well as plenty of riddles from the Riddles in the Dark scene.

  2. derekfrer January 24, 2013 at 8:46 pm #

    I do have to agree my cyber-space friend. The opening was well done and Gollum/Bilbo exchange was spot on!

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