Avengers #4

31 Jan


Alright, another Avengers book is under the belt.  This issue was a bit of a what sometimes gets tough when you are a HUGE fan of Hickman.  He is the master of building huge and expansive stories that end up being mind-blowing.  The result is that sometimes you have stories that are a part of the long build.  This story certainly felt like one of those instances.

Hyperion (comics)

Hyperion is the main focus.  He is kind of an odd choice for a character to feature.  Not only has Marvel had it’s fair share of Superman rip-offs, Hyperion may have well wear a big S on his chest.  The other concern with this version of the titular Sun God is the ‘Two Hyperion’ theme.  I hope we don’t have a rehash of the Sentry happening.  Actually, if it is anything beyond an odd story telling device in this book, it will probably suck.  All the roads it is leading us down are *old*…evil twin, evil version from another universe, dual personality, etc.

The art was good.  I don’t think Kubert is going to set the world on fire with this issue.  However, overall it was good enough to enjoy the read.

I have faith in Hickman…these characters he is bringing up just need some back story.

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