Tardis Uterus = Time Lord Daughter

10 Feb

Why this guys daughter is a Time Lord and his wife’s uterus is a Tardis!

Kul World Daily Drivel

Uterus Poem

The wife and I pace and we fume and we fuss

As we sit here at home now forty weeks plus

Why the hell won’t our daughter leave the uterus!

I’ve recently come to the determination that my wife’s uterus is a Tardis. It’s the only logical explanation. We’re beyond forty weeks now and still no baby. I’ve been told the uterus is a cramped and uncomfortable biological closet, but my wife’s must be a palatial resort with free HBO and room to spare. Why else would our daughter continually refuse to leave it.

Obviously, my wife’s uterus is capable of twisting time and space to accommodate both a growing baby and all the luxurious amenities preventing our daughter from leaving it. The only thing I know capable of twisting the fabric of space and time is a tardis. For those of you unfamiliar with the tardis, it’s…

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