Spy Hunter Film Coming!

17 Feb

According to MTV Spy Hunter might be greeting made! Not sure how they will translate the game to the big screen, but I know this Nintendo classic drained many an hour of my younger self.

I also hope the red truck returns! Read the MTV article below:
‘Spy Hunter’ Might Finally, Finally Get Made

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‘Spy Hunter’ Might Finally, Finally Get Made

Is the long-anticipated “Spy Hunter” video game adaptation finally going to move into development? It seems like after virtually everyone in Hollywood has a hand in the movie, it’s going to be moving forward again.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. is moving “full speed” on the flick now that the studio has signed Carter Blanchard to write the script.

The good news is that Ruben Fleischer is still slated to direct this flick. He just helmed “Gangster Squad” for Warner Bros., and it seems like this could be the next project on his slate. Fingers crossed he sticks with this, since “Spy Hunter” definitely doesn’t need another director leaving it in the dust.
“Spy Hunter’s” story started back in 2003 when Universal Pictures picked up the rights to the 1983 arcade game. Dwayne Johnson was originally supposed to star, but Universal spent a while hiring writers to try to pen the project. John Woo was finally brought on to direct it in 2004, but Universal kept swapping screenwriters: Michael Brandt and Derek Haas were replaced by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, who were then replaced by Zak Penn who was then replaced by Stuart Beattie.

Woo eventually left the project and so did Johnson, but it seemed like there was forward momentum again when Paul W.S. Anderson was hired to direct “Spy Hunter” in 2007. That didn’t last long, and a new script was written by Chad St. John in 2010. It was at that point that Fleischer came on board. Though it’s been almost three years since all that went down, hopefully “Spy Hunter” actually makes its way to the big screen this time.

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