The Pros and Cons of the Star Wars License Passing to Disney: Part 1

19 Feb

The Catchy Blog

tonight it’s time for a post of a lighter nature, after our last was very much on the serious side.

As we all know by now, The ever popular, once wonderfully epic and charming Star Wars franchise has passed from the hands of rogue director turned dark lord of the sith George Lucas to  the once kid friendly turned teen sex symbol peddling “let’s find some more cop-out ways to make a buck” Disney. Now I’m sure there are lots of opinions about this relatively recent development. There are probably many excited people, and perhaps those that are not too thrilled to see the Disney empire flourish in yet another unfair way. With that in mind I decided to make a wonderful list of pros and cons regarding what may come from this enormous transaction! so here we go, 5 pros, in no particular order:

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