Batroc the Leaper?!

28 Mar
bucky barnes

bucky barnes (Photo credit: istolethetv)

Latino Review has revealed that Batroc the Leaper might appear in the next Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie.  Georges St-Pierre is playing a villian in the upcoming movie.  He is French and a UFC star…honestly…no clue who he is, but I don’t keep up on UFC. 

Batroc the Leaper is an interesting, but also odd choice for the film.  My guess is they will make him more of a terrorist then anything else.  I can’t see them having a guy jumping around in a purple and yellow suit screaming about his leaping abilities.  It will most likely be a nice easter egg for those who know who Batroc is when they watch the film.

Then again, imagine this Frenchman who is built like a brick shithouse jumping all over Chris Evans and swearing at him in French.  I think it could be quite an entertaining addition! 

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