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Kickstart Cobra Commander

21 Mar
Cobra Commander as "Old Snake".

Cobra Commander as “Old Snake”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kick Starter is a funding platform for creative ideas.  It has gained some media attention lately.

Now our favorite terrorist hell bent on world domination, Cobra Commander, is attempting to set up his empire.  For a small donation you can help the Commander rebuild Cobra to take on the G.I. Joe’s.  Personally, not a bad deal!  I would be all for investing some cash to get your own B.A.T robot. 

Anywho, the video is funny!  Enjoy Cobra Commander!


Bad Ass Popeye

2 Mar


The Watcher 2013 – Episode 6

26 Feb

Iron Man and X-Men Movie News

Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2

18 Feb

The second season of Mortal Kombat Legacy is coming. Legacy is the webisodes featured a new spin on the MK Universe. The official trailer has been released. All i have to say is Shang Tsung is Cari Tagawa from the first movie – so that’s awesome. Here’s the link – enjoy.

Real Ghostbusters’

9 Feb

Another Castle

New weekly addition trial. Tell us what you think and [maybe] we’ll keep it going.


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Google Glasses?? WTF??

24 Jan

You Have Issues #18

24 Jan

Video from a pal…


Star Wars Done in Legos…no REALLY…the whole thing

24 Jan
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