Chipotle adventurrito answer 15

30 Jul


Chipotle adventurrito answer 16

30 Jul


Chipotle adventuritto answer question 17

30 Jul



R2D2 Street Art by Icon

30 Jul



TMNT Street Art

20 Jul


Chipotle Adventurrito question 5 answer

19 Jul

After sitting on the financial conference call, for what seemed like forever, but was only 1:48 into it, the three names are Steve, Monty, and Jack.

Chipotle Adventuritto Answer Question 5

18 Jul

They are Chipotle billboard ads.  You can Google the images, or just look below.

1, Usually when you roll something this good it’s illegal

2, The Happy Pill.  Now in a 567,000 mg dose.

3, Open wide.  no, wider

4, The gourmet restaurant where you eat with your hands.

5, The beep when they backup.


R2D2 Hand Tattoo

17 Jul


Chipotle Adventuritto Question 4

17 Jul

The answer for Question 4 is in the below video link.

It’s said at 4:20

If you want the answer:

Supersized pigs on steroids

Chipotle Adventuritto Answers

16 Jul

Hola! For those that are doing the Chipotle Adventuritto contest, I wanted to post the answers so far. I will keep them coming as I get them answered. Good Luck!

Here is the link for those that don’t know about it:

Question 1) Porkutopia
Question 2) Latitude: 48.872007, Longitude: 2.340091
Question 3) is the picture attached – there are several numbers. I had to eat there to get the answer…so i took one for the team!Adventurrito - Q3

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