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Holy Avengers Batman!

31 Jul


He Did It!

10 Mar



Disney Avengers

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Behold Dat Ass

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The Nightmare Before The Avengers

26 Feb



His Name is Phillip Coulson

19 Feb


Avengers #4

31 Jan


Alright, another Avengers book is under the belt.  This issue was a bit of a what sometimes gets tough when you are a HUGE fan of Hickman.  He is the master of building huge and expansive stories that end up being mind-blowing.  The result is that sometimes you have stories that are a part of the long build.  This story certainly felt like one of those instances.

Hyperion (comics)

Hyperion is the main focus.  He is kind of an odd choice for a character to feature.  Not only has Marvel had it’s fair share of Superman rip-offs, Hyperion may have well wear a big S on his chest.  The other concern with this version of the titular Sun God is the ‘Two Hyperion’ theme.  I hope we don’t have a rehash of the Sentry happening.  Actually, if it is anything beyond an odd story telling device in this book, it will probably suck.  All the roads it is leading us down are *old*…evil twin, evil version from another universe, dual personality, etc.

The art was good.  I don’t think Kubert is going to set the world on fire with this issue.  However, overall it was good enough to enjoy the read.

I have faith in Hickman…these characters he is bringing up just need some back story.

Avengers vs. Uncanny Avengers

29 Jan


Piled through Avengers #3 and Uncanny Avengers #3 with much anticipated excitement.  Both have quite different tones…

Avengers #3

Hickman is on form as per usual!  When you crack open the book the opening pages just scream classic Hickman.  Actually it is kind of surreal for a moment.  You almost feel like you are reading a Fantastic Four book.  Which isn’t a bad thing!

The opening arch has been wrapped up nicely.  I really like the sci-fi vibe he is bringing to the Avengers with out losing the core of what makes the Avengers great.  Ex-Nihilo may have looked like a yellow version of the Noid (if that reference is lost on you, Google ‘Domino’s the Noid’, you won’t be let down!), but was quite a cool character.  Hickman has also introduced us to an expanded list of Avengers related to the cosmic universe.  This book will be exciting to watch what he does with characters like Captain Universe and Hyperion.  The book also ends with them bringing ‘Adam’ back from Mars…could this be a new Adam Warlock?  Time will tell!

Opena’s art work is fantastic as well…he really brought the worlds to life.  Just simply a beautiful book to look at!

Uncanny Avengers #3

I am a little more on the fence with Uncanny Avengers #3.  I was excited when Remender brought Red Skull into the picture.  He has to be one of the best villians of all time.  The use of Xavier’s brain seems a bit of an old hat.

Actually, I think that is the reason I am on the fence with this book in general.  It felt like an old hat.  The narrative instantly reminded me of the first time I read Claremont’s reboot of the X-Men series.  Which I can’t decide is a good thing or a bad thing right now.  I also don’t feel the risk are being taken in this book like they are in some of the other Marvel Now titles.

I am still on-board for this ride, but less excited than I originally was with an Avengers/X-Men combo.  The really bright spot is Remender returning to the conflict of humans and mutants out in the open.  Some of the best X-Men comics were when they had to balance helping humanity and protecting themselves.


Thanos Graffiti

29 Jan



Low Battery

28 Jan


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