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Spidey is all…

4 Mar


Marvel Launches New Comics Zone

15 Feb

NewMarvelMarvel RSS Feed – This week, Marvel.com launched our new, improved and re-designed Comics Zone. With updated art, expanded viewing options of new comics on sale as well as lists and features targeted at making our site more accessible than ever before, we look forward to providing you with the best overall user experience yet.

With the new design, we’ve also upgraded our browse and search functions for Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. In the upper left hand corner above the main rotator and beside the Comics header, you’ll find a Browse option that will help you navigate MDCU. You can now look for digital comics by Series name, Characters featured, Creator credits or as part of an Event or Crossover.

Selecting any of the four browse options will take you to an index page with featured Series, Characters, Creators and Events/Crossovers. Moving down the page, you can narrow your search by selecting a specific letter and using our Filter tool to apply additional constraints.

To make sure your selection is available on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited use the “MDCU Only” button; if it’s not, the site will direct you other ways you can track down this comic.

By using the Release Calendar option to the right of Browse, you can see what’s new in Print Comics as well as MDCU. You can choose to view by week or month and apply the Filter tool here as well.


OG Thor & Hulk

13 Feb


Aquaman’s Revenge!

13 Feb


Can you name them all?

1 Feb


Django Comic!

30 Jan

Tarantino and Vertigo have released a Django comic. It apparently uses the full first draft of the film.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, it is fucking awesome. I will definitely hunt this down. More killin’ from the German dentist and Django sounds like a great way to burn sometime away!

Django #1



Spider-sense a fine ass

29 Jan



Aquaman has a fish fetish

28 Jan



No Superman!

28 Jan


X-Men Family Tree

28 Jan

Do you know everyone on the chart?


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