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Oppenheimer’s ‘Friends’

18 Feb



Science. Bad. Einstein

17 Feb



Science. Bad. Fermi

17 Feb


Saga #9 Review

28 Jan


This weekend finally provided me the opportunity to crack into the latest installment of probably one of the best comics in years, Saga.  As a review, I will cover some things that might be ‘spoiler’ worthy.  Read at your own risk.  (If by chance you are reading this and have gotten into Saga yet, you absolutely NEED to, no questions asked.  Just Do It!)

The opening page is freaking fantastic.  Two guards holding dildo night sticks.  Where do they come up with this stuff??  Fiona Staples has an excellent art style that lends itself perfectly to this dynamic world they have created.  She has been able to nail keeping it simple yet engaging and different.  Luckily this issue has no giant infected balls.

Brian K. Vaughan continues to bring a complex and layered story.  The Will becomes the main focus of this month.  However, it isn’t an issue about brawling and assissinations.  Marko’s ex-fiance Gwendolyn shows up on the scene looking to refocus The Will.

It is in the interaction between these two charaters that I think really highlights why BVK has such a huge following to such a strange comic.  On the face of it, the two will join forces to get a bit of ol’fashioned vengenance for being wrong in similar, yet different ways. 

The layer that will be interesting to watch unfold is the motivation behind this vengenance.  The Will and Gwendolyn are both dealing with the pain of loosing a loved one (Marko and The Stalk) and a damaged family (Marko and Slave Girl).  How will these two react when they come face to face with the new family in their vegetation rocket?

Well, Slave Girl has pointed them in the right direction.  Now we just have to wait another month to find out. 


Potty Humor

23 Jan


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